Friday, May 28, 2010

New CD/Tape!

We recently finished up our new CD/Tape combo - 6 songs, all new recordings with Brandon at Static Age. We are super excited about how it came out, so you should pick one up and be excited with us!

These are totally DIY, hand-made with specialty packaging, limited to 100, I've posted pictures below and will soon post a few tracks to listen to. Until then you can find some tracks on our myspace, facebook, or page. The combo is $5 ppd, if you want to order one just send me an email at .

We sold a bunch of these at our show on Wednesday - but I found out some very bum news as apparently a couple of the tapes ended up being blank (!!!) It seems as though there is a very small number (only 2 or 3) for which this mistake was made and we are going back and checking all of them to make sure that no more like this get sold. We apologize very much for anyone that got one of these, but as they were all made by hand the slow and difficult way, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised a couple got mixed up. If you already acquired a copy and it is blank, please send me an email ( and I will get you a new one immediately (as well as very sincere apology)!



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