Monday, May 31, 2010

A different drummer...

While we are totally stoked about the new CD/tape we have some bittersweet news. Our drummer Caleb is going to be moving to Pittsburgh in just a few days for a job opportunity. While we are really bummed to be losing Caleb, Sleazy and I (Nathalie) are also very happy for him and hope that he keeps rocking in Pennsylvania. What this means however is that for the time being we are drummerless. We have a potential new drummer that can hopefully take over soon, but nothing is for sure just yet. However, don't worry we will get everything going again ASAP.

Because of the drummer-drama we are not playing the June 6th show at Bears that we had scheduled, however Junker - a great band from Indianapolis - is still playing, so go check them out anyway! We are hoping we can get things rolling quickly with a drummer and are currently planning to keep all our future scheduled shows for this summer, and we will post more info as we know more about these.

Friday, May 28, 2010

New CD/Tape!

We recently finished up our new CD/Tape combo - 6 songs, all new recordings with Brandon at Static Age. We are super excited about how it came out, so you should pick one up and be excited with us!

These are totally DIY, hand-made with specialty packaging, limited to 100, I've posted pictures below and will soon post a few tracks to listen to. Until then you can find some tracks on our myspace, facebook, or page. The combo is $5 ppd, if you want to order one just send me an email at .

We sold a bunch of these at our show on Wednesday - but I found out some very bum news as apparently a couple of the tapes ended up being blank (!!!) It seems as though there is a very small number (only 2 or 3) for which this mistake was made and we are going back and checking all of them to make sure that no more like this get sold. We apologize very much for anyone that got one of these, but as they were all made by hand the slow and difficult way, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised a couple got mixed up. If you already acquired a copy and it is blank, please send me an email ( and I will get you a new one immediately (as well as very sincere apology)!



Friday, May 7, 2010

CD/tape coming soon

We recently recorded... and we are going to be releasing it on a tape/CD combo. Should have it ready by the show on May 26th!

Upcoming Shows!

We got a a lot of them, so check them out!

Sunday, May 9th
Last Hardcore Show at the Halloween House/Moria
3253 Broadway, Indianapolis, IN
8PM - Free!

In the Face of War
The Sorely Trying Days
Rat Storm


Wednesday, May 26th
Melody Inn
3826 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, IN
8PM $12

Capitalist Casualties
Verbal Abuse
Red Shadows
Rat Storm


Sunday, June 6th
Punk Rock Night at Bear's Place
1316 E. 3rd Street, Bloomington, IN

More Info TBA


Saturday, June 26th
Blue Rock Tavern
Cincinnati, OH

More Info TBA

Secondhand Destruction
Rat Storm
More TBA


Tuesday, July 13th
Bear's Place
1316 E. 3rd Street, Bloomington, IN

More Info TBA


Tuesday, July 20th
Casa Del Kotex

Chaotic Neutral
Iron Reagan
Rat Storm


Sunday, August 15th
The Dojo
10th and Bosart, Indianapolis, IN

Weak Link
Rat Storm
more TBA


A Blog!

Yeah... so we got a blog now. I'll post shows/music/etc. here. So check back.