Sunday, December 11, 2011

Back From Tour, Loads of New Stuff

We are back from tour, and we had an awesome time. We played a lot of great shows with a lot of great bands and met even more amazing people! Can't wait to get out on the road again soon. Speaking of, we are currently making plans to hit the road for a long weekend with Heartless from Pittsburgh who are an amazing band that just put out a new LP on Southern Lord... you should check it out.

With the help of a lot of amazing people we managed to get our 7 inch and the split tape with Chaotic Neutral out for tour!

Our 7 inch was released be IFB records, Blackheart Mountain, and Plan-It X Records. 400 were pressed on black vinyl and the covers were screen-printed on dumpstered paper. We have plenty of copies that you can get from us at shows or we can mail you one if you want to contact us at Each of the labels will also have copies available and for mailorder I highly suggest going to IFB - Nevin has put out a lot of other amazing releases that you should check out.

Below is the artwork for the 7 inch:

You can listen to it, or download it in its entirety from (as well as Blackheart Mountain and IFB).

In addition to our 7 inch, we recorded 4 other songs in October that we just released on a limited run split cassette with Chaotic Neutral. We are basically sold out of these at the moment, but should be getting more soon. In the meantime, Chaotic Neutral should have some, and you can order them via the internet from our friend Matt at No I in Punk, who put the tape out for us. Our friend at Brood X also has some copies!

Once the tapes are gone, they are gone - but this split is going to be put out on a 7 inch very soon.

Finally, we got shirts made for tour, and we have a limited amount of M and L left, but plenty of S and XL!
The shirts are printed on American-Made Bayside T-shirts. Below is the design:

Email us ( if you want to snag one up. We'll also have them at shows!