Thursday, August 29, 2013

Been a long time since we've posted anything.  We are still alive and well though!  I (Nathalie) have been living in Illinois and teaching physics full-time at Knox College, so I've been busy.  However, we recently recorded a new 7 inch that is going to be released by PROFANE EXISTENCE, IFB RECORDS, and REALITY IS A CULT.  It was recorded by Carl Byers of Clandestine Arts and Coffinworm fame... so it will surely sound chrushing!

Recording vocals in the dark dingy basement at Full House

It will be #12 in the Profane Existence 2013 Single Series and we are really excited to be a part of that.  Profane Existence is an institution in politically active punk and hardcore, and we are honored that they will be helping release our music.  Right now, PE has been doing a lot of collaborative releases and getting involved with a some great, very active, Midwest hardcore bands that deserve your attention, so you should check out all the rad stuff they are doing right now!  (Including records for our friends in WMDAT, Boddicker, Kata Sarka, and This is the Enemy).

We'll give you more details on the upcoming 7" as we get them figured out, but we can say for right now that there will be a special cover and vinyl color for 150 copies that will be distributed through PE.  The other copies will have an equally special (but different) cover and vinyl color.

We ALSO are planning a winter tour.  The details still need to be worked out, but we'll keep you posted through here about that too.  Plus new tour = new merch... soon.

Up the punx, fuck the system, stay weird.

(Oh I also moved our merch to a bigcartel - so, there is that if you are interested

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rat Storm/Chaotic Neutral Split 7"

Our split with Chaotic Neutral is now out on Reality is a Cult Records/Get Better Records/Dead Rodent Records. 

You can buy it from us any of these labels or us directly (in person, through email, or through our webstore).  Also can be found at Landlocked Music (Bloomington), TD CDs and LPs (Bloomington), and Vibes Music (Indianapolis). 

If you don't know Chaotic Neutral, you SHOULD.  So, listen up!

Rat Storm Winter Tour Nov. 29 - Dec. 8

Our winter tour is all set and ready to go!  If you live in the area, come check us out - we want to meet you!

Nov. 29th - Nashville, TN - @ The Owl Farm -
Nov.30th - Athens, GA - @TBA House Show - More info soon
Dec. 1st - Tallahassee, FL - @Providence Haus -
Dec. 2nd - Tampa, FL - @ The Holdtight House
Dec. 3rd - Miami, FL - @Eve Event Space -
Dec. 4th - Ft. Myers, FL - @TBA w/Autarkeia + more info soon
Dec. 5th - Atlanta, GA - @ Wonderroot more info soon
Dec. 6th - Greenville, SC - @ Cabin Floor Records -
Dec. 7th - Huntington, WV - @ Funky Towne -
Dec. 8th - Louisville, KY - @ Nelligan Hall -

Email us - - if you have any questions or anything. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wow, we have been neglecting this blog - sorry!  Things were in a bit of a lull for a couple months, and then all kinds of things happened in a big hurry. So here is some updates on what is going on:

 #1 - We've undergone another line-up change. Micah recently relocated to Pittsburgh, PA and has been doing well, but is no longer playing bass with us. He already has been working on starting up bands in Pittsburgh, so I'm sure you'll be hearing from him again soon! While we will miss Micah and all he contributed to Rat Storm, we are also happy to welcome our new bass player Joel Henline. Joel is great and you will all get to hear his bass playing very soon! He has been playing in Bloomington bands for years and is currently playing guitar in Humans and bass in Buttonhoof - both of which I highly suggest checking out.
#2 - We recently played Plan-It X fest here in Bloomington, and it was an amazing experience. We met so many great people from all over the US and beyond and were able to play for the largest crowd any of us have probably ever played for. If you saw us or talked to us there, please feel free to keep in touch.
#3 - Big updates on the online-store! We have added new shirts, buttons, and patches. We also are now totally sold out of the split cassette with Chaotic Neutral. It is scheduled to be pressed on 7" very soon, but has hit a couple delays that will hopefully be cleared up in the next couple weeks and it will be off to the plant to be pressed!
#4 I have kicked off a new record label - Reality is a Cult. My first release is the Closet Burner 12", and is being co-released with No I in Punk and IFB records. Feel free to check it out if you are interested.
#5 Finally - SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS! We have lots of upcoming shows:

 July 20th - Harrison House, Ft. Wayne, IN 8pm - w/Republic of Dreams, Shitlist, Parasitic Twins, and Closet Burner

July 21st - Ghost House, Bloomgington, IN 8pm - w/Republic of Dreams, Itch, Canid

July 27th - Snake Pit, Champaign, IL - w/Bailout + more

 July 28th - TBA Bloomington/Normal IL or Peoria IL

August 3rd - International House of Pitting, Indianapolis, IN 8pm - w/Disobey, We Must Dismantle All of This, Boddicker

Take Care!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ordering stuff

Hey everyone!

We have been a bit quiet, but we are still doing all sorts of stuff!

We just opened an online store at storenvy - you can check it out here.
We did this to make it easier to order stuff from us online. However, if you are interested in anything you don't have to go through the storenvy. We are totally willing to deal with you directly through email (, snail mail (213 S. Clark St, Bloomington, IN 47408), or the phone (812-6oh6-5one8one).

The new 7inch is also available directly through IFB records, Blackheart Mountain, and Plan-it X - as well as distros all over the world, including Ebullition if you interested in getting it at wholesale prices.

We have been taking it a bit easy on shows due to work and other general business, but we have an upcoming show in Indy and will likely have a few more similar things coming up - so keep an eye out!

<3 Nathalie

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Back From Tour, Loads of New Stuff

We are back from tour, and we had an awesome time. We played a lot of great shows with a lot of great bands and met even more amazing people! Can't wait to get out on the road again soon. Speaking of, we are currently making plans to hit the road for a long weekend with Heartless from Pittsburgh who are an amazing band that just put out a new LP on Southern Lord... you should check it out.

With the help of a lot of amazing people we managed to get our 7 inch and the split tape with Chaotic Neutral out for tour!

Our 7 inch was released be IFB records, Blackheart Mountain, and Plan-It X Records. 400 were pressed on black vinyl and the covers were screen-printed on dumpstered paper. We have plenty of copies that you can get from us at shows or we can mail you one if you want to contact us at Each of the labels will also have copies available and for mailorder I highly suggest going to IFB - Nevin has put out a lot of other amazing releases that you should check out.

Below is the artwork for the 7 inch:

You can listen to it, or download it in its entirety from (as well as Blackheart Mountain and IFB).

In addition to our 7 inch, we recorded 4 other songs in October that we just released on a limited run split cassette with Chaotic Neutral. We are basically sold out of these at the moment, but should be getting more soon. In the meantime, Chaotic Neutral should have some, and you can order them via the internet from our friend Matt at No I in Punk, who put the tape out for us. Our friend at Brood X also has some copies!

Once the tapes are gone, they are gone - but this split is going to be put out on a 7 inch very soon.

Finally, we got shirts made for tour, and we have a limited amount of M and L left, but plenty of S and XL!
The shirts are printed on American-Made Bayside T-shirts. Below is the design:

Email us ( if you want to snag one up. We'll also have them at shows!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

7 Inch, Split w/Chaotic Neutral and Upcoming Tour

Hey - all kinds of news!

First of all - our new 7 inch "Fractured" is coming out on Nov. 23rd on IFB Records, Blackheart Mountain, and Plan-It X. We are super-excited and really owe a lot to Nevin at IFB Records for helping us make this happen. You should go check out all the records he has put out, because they are awesome! ...and we are super-stoked to be a part of it.

You can listen the entire B side at

In addition, we are putting out a limited run cassette version of our upcoming split 7 inch with Chaotic Neutral. We also have a few songs from that posted on our bandcamp.

Both of those will be up for free download once they are released.

And.... we are leaving on tour in just over 3 weeks!

Here is our current schedule:
Nov. 23 - Detroit, MI - Commonwealth House
Nov. 24 - Buffalo, NY - Sugar City
Nov. 25 - Albany, NY - TBA (NEED HELP)
Nov. 26 - Somerville, MA - Starlab
Nov. 27 - Easthampton, MA - Flywheel Arts Collective
Nov. 28 - Keene, NH - Kitty City
Nov. 29 - Hartford, CT - Whitney House
Nov. 30 - Providence, RI - TBA
Dec. 1 - Montclair, NJ - The Meatlocker
Dec. 2 - Pittsburgh, PA - TBA
Dec. 3 - Columbus/Cincinnati, OH - TBA