Thursday, August 29, 2013

Been a long time since we've posted anything.  We are still alive and well though!  I (Nathalie) have been living in Illinois and teaching physics full-time at Knox College, so I've been busy.  However, we recently recorded a new 7 inch that is going to be released by PROFANE EXISTENCE, IFB RECORDS, and REALITY IS A CULT.  It was recorded by Carl Byers of Clandestine Arts and Coffinworm fame... so it will surely sound chrushing!

Recording vocals in the dark dingy basement at Full House

It will be #12 in the Profane Existence 2013 Single Series and we are really excited to be a part of that.  Profane Existence is an institution in politically active punk and hardcore, and we are honored that they will be helping release our music.  Right now, PE has been doing a lot of collaborative releases and getting involved with a some great, very active, Midwest hardcore bands that deserve your attention, so you should check out all the rad stuff they are doing right now!  (Including records for our friends in WMDAT, Boddicker, Kata Sarka, and This is the Enemy).

We'll give you more details on the upcoming 7" as we get them figured out, but we can say for right now that there will be a special cover and vinyl color for 150 copies that will be distributed through PE.  The other copies will have an equally special (but different) cover and vinyl color.

We ALSO are planning a winter tour.  The details still need to be worked out, but we'll keep you posted through here about that too.  Plus new tour = new merch... soon.

Up the punx, fuck the system, stay weird.

(Oh I also moved our merch to a bigcartel - so, there is that if you are interested