Monday, May 31, 2010

A different drummer...

While we are totally stoked about the new CD/tape we have some bittersweet news. Our drummer Caleb is going to be moving to Pittsburgh in just a few days for a job opportunity. While we are really bummed to be losing Caleb, Sleazy and I (Nathalie) are also very happy for him and hope that he keeps rocking in Pennsylvania. What this means however is that for the time being we are drummerless. We have a potential new drummer that can hopefully take over soon, but nothing is for sure just yet. However, don't worry we will get everything going again ASAP.

Because of the drummer-drama we are not playing the June 6th show at Bears that we had scheduled, however Junker - a great band from Indianapolis - is still playing, so go check them out anyway! We are hoping we can get things rolling quickly with a drummer and are currently planning to keep all our future scheduled shows for this summer, and we will post more info as we know more about these.

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