Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stuff coming up

We now have copies of our demo on tape available for a mere $3. Send us an email, catch on the street, or catch us at a show!

We are going to make patches/shirts/all that good stuff soon too... promise!

In the last month we had a show canceled and had to unexpectedly back out of a show which were both big bummers, but we have some stuff coming up and hopefully will be getting out of town for some short "tours" during some weekends in August.

We are playing June 18th at 4810 E. New York Street, Indianapolis, IN ($5 7pm) with Iafrate and the Fury Swipes.

Also we are playing the local night of Plan It X Fest local night at the Bishop in Bloomington on June 23rd.

Micah is going to be out of town for most of July, but we will be playing another show in Bloomington on July 31st and hopefully recorded a really nice recording soon as well.

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