Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Demo

So we've had a new line-up for quite a while now, and we finally recorded some new stuff! We recorded it ourselves, so the recording is nothing special, but we will be doing something that sounds goooood soon! For now, we are just doing this to get our music heard and maybe raise a little money for putting something good out... and making some shirts and such.

You can listen or download here: ratstorm.bandcamp.com

The download is a "name your price" but you can put $0 and download it for free if you want to. We are broke, anything you donate will just go toward making shirts and paying for future recordings. But we know a lot of you are broke too - so if you want to download but can't afford anything, it's no problem! Don't feel bad for putting $0. We are just happy that you are listening.

We'll have some tapes of this for sale soon too!


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